KBM Speakers

i-tin-er-ant adj.

  1. Traveling from place to place in order to fulfill some duty of work. n.
  2. An itinerant person.
Kingdom Building Ministries' itinerant communicators speak to hundreds of thousands of people at hundreds of events around the world annually. Our speakers partner with you (your local church, denomination, camp, festival, school or ministry organization) to help you meet your ministry goals.

Ultimately, we desire to help you challenge your people to grow deeper and more committed in their relationship with Christ. We want to help you equip and mobilize people who get out of the pew and into the harvest field as laborer's for Christ.

Kingdom Building Ministries' speakers have gone through a rigorous training and approval process. The following roster of itinerant communicators receives our unreserved recommendation for your events. Click on the photos & links below to find out more about our individual speakers.

Caleb Bislow

Caleb is passionate about empowering an army of Christ followers to take the love of Christ outside the walls of the well-lit church building and into the world’s darkest and most unreached places.

Foster Christy

Foster is a gifted communicator whose heart is to obediently and passionately fulfill God’s call on his life to evangelize, train and equip others for a life of devotion to Jesus Christ.

Adrian Despres

Adrian is passionate about seeing lost souls saved and Christians called into a sold-out life of laboring for God.

Chris Emery

Chris’ passion is to help individuals discover who God is and who He wants to be in their life. He is a gifted communicator that uses stories and humor to challenge everyone to grow in their journey with Christ. From students to adults, Chris will undoubtedly push everyone to reach for what God desires them to be.

Robert Gelinas

Robert deeply desires to see the body of Christ empowered to serve the least of these. The poor, the down and out, the disabled, those deemed unimportant and the unborn.

Fred Lynch

Fred Lynch is a dynamic communicator whose heart desire is to take the expressions of this generation and use them to glorify God through relevant, relatable and radical truth.

Tim Reilly

Tim is an engaging speaker who shares his love for Jesus in a relatable way to both the lost and the found alike. He is passionate about letting people of all ages know that they do not have to check their minds at the door to trust and follow Jesus.

Dwight Robertson

Dwight is a dynamic and gifted communicator. His life calling and mission—to challenge Christians to the role of laborership—is shared passionately and with evident excitement and urgency.

Jason Roe

Jason Roe has dedicated himself to the ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. The foundation of Jason's ministry claims Mark 16:15: 'Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.'

Efrem Smith

Efrem uses storytelling, comedy and passion to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a level that people can understand, and teaches how to live that life on a daily basis.

Mick Veach

Mick's passion for God is contagious and is evident as he communicates. His experience is well served in missions conferences or spiritual formation venues.

John Vermilya

John's ministry focus is to stir Christians to move beyond spiritual apathy, stagnancy and religiosity, and instead embrace a life of passion and purpose by actually becoming a follower of Christ with all the unpredictability and risk that it entails.