Kingdom Building Ministries' speakers and our staff have a commitment to see individuals equipped and mobilized to become passionate lovers of and effective ministers for God. To do that we want to know your name. We want to spend time with you. We want to create a place for you and God to connect. We want to teach what we know about living this wonderful life of being fully surrendered to God and His plan for the world. God is a loving Father who sees you and knows you (Gen 16:13). He has a lot to tell you and many things He wants to do in you and through you. We join God in His quest to see you, know you and teach you about living life for Him. Currently, there are seven different training opportunities for Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Families. Click on the banners below to check them out! We look forward to seeing you!

KBM training values.

The Experience

The Experience is a 58-day long intensive discipleship training program. It is designed to take young adults deeper in their walk with Christ, and to teach them what it looks like to do ministry that looks like them. It includes an international missions component into the heart of a third-world country ... all designed to take you deeper in your relationship with God and help you to live the rest of your life on-purpose for God's Kingdom.

16 Days

16 Days is a discipleship training designed to both challenge and equip high school students to a life redefined by radical and intentional devotion to God! It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense discipleship training designed to both challenge and equip high school students to a life redefined by radical and intentional devotion to God! This practical, hands-on adventure is packed with action and suspense that will keep students on their toes.

Deep Camp

deep adj. \dep\

  1. very intense or extreme
  2. profound or penetrating in awareness or understanding
Deep Camp is a multi-generational 5-day discipleship training experience designed to take people deep, past the familiar and into a world of EXTREME devotion to God, while equipping them to live with hearts on fire and lives on purpose in their everyday realities.

Life Planning

God's plan is to see you experience the fullness of His Kingdom in your life and become a laborer for Him wherever you go and in whatever you do. God wants to show up in all the same places you frequent and use you to touch lives one at a time in your own unique way - just like Jesus did when He lived on earth. The LifePlan experience is a one-on-one, two-day process led by a trained facilitator, followed by personal coaching. The LifePlan process will help you gain greater life perspective, discover your unique design and find purpose and direction in every area of your life. Through this, we believe you will be able to more intentionally and effectively live out the abundant life of laborership that God created you to live.

Unusual Soldiers

The special forces of discipleship training, Unusual Soldiers will take you to the edge of yourself. As a ministry, Unusual Soldiers is committed to taking the Hope of Christ to the dark, dangerous, and despised corners of the world, and to raising up more people to join in the fight.

Plan A Conference

The core of the "Plan A" message is to reveal God's passion to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things in building His kingdom. Each one of us not only has something to contribute, but also has a story to tell. The Plan A message challeneges people to live out what Jesus talked about and modeled when He was on the Earth.

Weekend Almost Alone With God

What if there was an experience that could move you closer to God’s pleasure and validation in your heart and life? What if that experience would allow you extended time alone with Him either in the wilderness of Colorado or the comfort of a select retreat center over a weekend? What if that experience also included heart and soul connected time with a small group of other folks committed to the same pursuit? That would be a WAAWG: Weekend Almost Alone with God.